Spay & Neuter Surgery

When is a good time to spay or neuter your pets?

North Springs Animal Clinic recommends that each puppy or kitten get their spay or neuter surgery earlier, rather than later. This common surgical procedure brings a number of health benefits, and helps reduce  overpopulation.

Our veterinarians generally recommend spay and surgery happen roughly when your pet is 6 months of age. As with any surgery, our team examines each pet prior to their procedure, may recommend pre-surgical testing, and will monitor your pet regularly during their procedure. Once your pet has been discharged, we will go over any discharge instructions so that your pets can recover quickly and comfortably.

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What are the benefits of spaying and neutering your pets

Spaying and neutering can give pets a better quality of life by:

  • Reducing incidences of roaming and fights with other dogs or cats
  • Minimizing the tendency of males marking their territory with strong-smelling urine in the house
  • Putting an end to constant, loud vocalizations for pets who want to roam
  • Stopping males from trying to mount other animals, furniture, or people
  • Eliminating testicular cancer in males.
  • Eliminating mammary gland cancers and pyometra, a uterine infection in females.
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Is it time for your pet's spay or neuter surgery?


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